Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wake up with BMG at SLAS2015!

BMG gets started early today at SLAS2015. We host our first tutorial of the day at 9:30 AM in room 159. Join us for breakfast while you learn about how the PHERAstar FS and CLARIOstar can be used for ultra-rapid detection of cardiac contraction. BMG will also participate in a tutorial hosted by Lumigen at 9:30 in room 143C where you can learn about BMG microplate readers and the detection of SPARCL Immunoassays.

Later in the day you can join BMG for lunch at 12:30 in room 143C and learn about detection of HTRF assays in human iPSC-derived cell types using the CLARIOstar. Representatives from BMG, Cisbio and CDI will be on hand to discuss; instrumentation, HTRF assay technologies, and iCell products and you will learn how you can implement iPSC’s into your workflow with HTS compatible assays and microplate readers.

You can also learn more about BMG at our posters today.  The CLARIOstar is featured in poster #1091 performing cardiotoxicity assessment using an FP assay. In addition two posters will feature the CLARIOstar using chemiluminesent detection. Poster #1099 describes a screen for treatments for osteoporosis and poster #1109 describes an assay to detect PARP activity. Finally, our collaborators at Labcyte present 2 more projects that use the PHERAstar FSto detect miniaturized assay at posters #1001 and #2801.

You can also find us at our booth #929! Please stop by and say hello!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Today at SLAS2015

The scientific portion of SLAS2015 will be in full swing today and BMG LABTECH will be highly involved!

We are hosting a tutorial at 2:00 in room 143 C. Here our representatives and those from Cisbio will talk about characterization of monoclonal biologics using Fc-g receptor binding assays. You will also find out more about the ability of the CLARIOstar and PHERAstar FS to perform HTRF assays. Refreshments will be served.

Today is also our busiest day presenting posters!

The CLARIOstar with ACU
Visit poster #1090 to find out more about how the CLARIOstar with ACU will help your long term-cell based assays.  This collaboration is also featured in Promega’s poster #1082. Poster # 1098 features the PHERAstar FS in detecting changes in cellular redox while poster #1110 employs the excellent fluorescent polarization detection capabilities of the CLARIOstar to assess protein-ligand binding. Finally, poster #2058 describes the use of the PHERAstar FS to detect the successful miniaturization of AlphaLISA TNF-a assays while Labcyte poster #1028 describes miniaturization of epigenetic assays using the same platform.

If you can’t meet with us at these posters please stop by our booth #929.

Friday, February 6, 2015

BMG LABTECH will be at SLAS2015!

BMG LABTECH is happy to once again be a Diamond Sponsor for SLAS2015! The conference opens this weekend and the exhibition hall will open on Sunday at 4:30 with the opening reception starting at 5:30. Please come visit us at booth #929 and help us celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Following the opening reception please join us at our Customer Event at nearby Lucky Strike. BMG along with co-hosts Promega, CDI and Gilson invite you to join us for food, drinks, bowling and pool! Stop by our booth if you would like more information.