Thursday, July 3, 2014

Applications: Assessing Snake Venom for Hemoglobin-modifying Activity

BMG LABTECH in cooperation with Venomtech recently released an application note which describes the use of the PHERAstar FS to create a simple 384 well test for the ability of snake venom to modify hemoglobin. Although snake venom is well characterized to effect hemostasis, there is little literature covering the direct effect of venom on hemoglobin.
A time-dependent change in hemoglobin absorbance is
seen when mixed with the venom for the black-necked
spitting cobra

In this application note the spectrometer available on the PHERAstar FS was employed to obtain the absorbance spectrum from 400-700 nm of samples blood samples treated with venom from a variety of snake species. Using BMG LABTECH's ultra-fast spectrometer these readings can be obtained in less than one second per well.

The results showed that characteristic absorbance peaks for blood at 540 and 570 nm were lost in the presence of the venom from some snake species. Furthermore, the effect was time dependent. Based on this and other evidence the observed effect is believed to be enzyme-mediated.

For more information please go to the BMG LABTECH website and visit the Applications Center.

Application note # 251: Identification of novel haemoglobin-modifying activity in snake venom libraries using the PHERAstar FS