Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Applications: DNA Detection Using PicoGreen® and the CLARIOstar®

The advantage of using PicoGreen® for detecting nucleic acids such as DNA is that this fluorescence based assay is highly sensitive and also allows users to discriminate between double stranded DNA, single stranded DNA and RNA.

This application note shows the utility of the CLARIOstar®’s  LVF MonochromatorTM which is used to perform spectral scanning that is important in determining the optimal settings for the monochromator. Using the optimized excitation and emission wavelengths and bandpasses this application note shows that performance of this assay is comparable to that seen with filters.

 PicoGreen® assay comparison
using either filters or LVF Monochromators™ in the LVis Plate.
The final volume in the well was 2 µl.
Another interesting aspect shown in this note is the ability to perform this fluorescence assay using the LVis plate. This will allow users to perform fluorescent detection AND use low volumes thus saving your valuable sample for its intended use.

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