Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review details potential role of epigenetic targets in cancer therapy

Scientist from Boston University School of Medicine recently published a review article in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences entitled: Cancer Development, Progression and Therapy: An Epigenetic Overview. In this article they propose that epigenetic and other changes mediate the development of cancer progenitor cells. Based on the acknowledgement of the key role of epigenetic changes in cancer progression they hope that better epigenetic drugs will become available.

Epigenetics refers to external modifications made to DNA and proteins associated with DNA. These modifications turn genes on or off but do not affect the DNA sequence. Epigenetic regulation is an important part of normal cell development and cell fate determination but when dysregulation of epigenetic mechanisms occur the results can be detrimental. The dysregulation of these epigenetic mechanisms may be in response to internal and external, or environmental, factors.

DNA molecule that is methylated on both strands on cytosine
by Christoph Bock
The importance of epigenetics is clearly on the rise and there are a number of different assays available to study modulators of epigenetic enzymes. At BMG LABTECH we have multiple microplate reader platforms that are capable of detecting these epigenetic enzyme assays. Please visit our website to see the capabilities of all of our instruments: