Thursday, October 24, 2013

Recently added: BMG application notes on DLR, protein concentration and nephelometry.

BMG LABTECH recently added three new application notes two are on topics that are quite familiar to most biological scientists and one that is....not so much.

Representative DLR data.

Dual luciferase reporter (DLR) assays and using absorbance at 280 nm for protein detection are assays that many are very familiar with. DLR is the popular technique from Promega that uses two reporter constructs that allow users to monitor the regulation of gene transcription and normalize with an internal control. Since other BMG LABTECH instruments like CLARIOstar and Omega Series have been previously certified as DLR ready it was not surprising that the PHERAstar FS was also capable of passing this certification, which is described in AN #243.

BMG's LVis plate
The other common assay, protein quantification by UV absorbance at 280 nm is described in AN #242. The detection was performed using the LVis plate. The LVis plate allows the user to perform low volume detection of samples while reading up to 16 samples. In this application note the performance of the LVis plate was validated over a wide range of protein concentrations. The LVis plate is compatible with any BMG microplate reader that is equipped with our ultra-fast UV/Vis spectrophotometer such as the SPECTROstar Nano, PHERAstar FS, CLARIOstar and Omega Series of readers.

Finally we have the not so familiar. AN#238 employs an approach called nephelometry. Nephelometry is a specialized detection method that measures the amount of laser light that is scattered dependent on the size/shape of particles in a solution. The NEPHELOstar from BMG LABTECH is the only microplate reader available that employs this detection technology. In this application note the NEPHELOstar was used to monitor the amount of calcification that occurs in serum samples. When calcification takes place in blood vessels it can lead to cardiovascular disease.

These applications show that whether or your assay is usual or unusual BMG LABTECH has a microplate reader that will suit your needs.