Friday, May 3, 2013

Focus on: The CLARIOstar® – New Microplate Reader with LVF Monochromators, Spectrometer, and Filters

The CLARIOstar’s Advanced LVF Monochromators
 can use any wavelength and any bandwidth
for excitation and emission. 

BMG LABTECH unveiled the new CLARIOstar at the Experimental Biology Conference in Boston on April 22nd. The CLARIOstar is a high performance microplate reader with an Advanced LVF Monochromator. The Advanced LVF Monochromator employs linear variable filters (LVF) which allow users to select any wavelength and have continuously adjustable bandwidths from 8 to 100 nm for both excitation and emission. The ability to truly adjust bandwidths from a narrow to broad bandpass is a clear step forward compared to conventional monochromators with fixed bandwidths or limited range of adjustment. BMG LABTECH’s proprietary monochromator will allow you to optimize dyes that emit broadly, as well as dyes or fluorescent proteins that emit in the far red range of the spectrum. Moreover, the Advanced LVF Monochromators are sensitive enough to allow luminescence emission scanning at enzyme concentrations not before possible with conventional monochromators.

In addition to the Advanced LVF Monochromator technology, the CLARIOstar has other advance features that are common on BMG LABTECH microplate readers. These include: direct-optic bottom reading for fantastic cell-based assays; an ultra-fast spectrometer for fast, full spectrum UV/Vis absorbance measurements; a dedicated laser for AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA® technology; AND fixed filters for the high sensitivity possible. Users can choose to perform fluorescence and luminescence with the monochromator, filters, OR a combination of both!

The CLARIOstar from BMG LABTECH: ANY wavelength, ANY bandwidth, ANY assay!