Monday, April 29, 2013

Did you know you can detect pairs of luciferase enzymes simultaneously?

Spectral emission profiles of luciferases used in
Thermo Scientific™ Pierce ™Dual-Spectral Assay Kits.
The emission of red firefly (λmax = 613nm) allows resolution
from Green Renilla Luc (λmax = 535nm),
Gaussia Luc (λmax = 470nm) and Cypridina Luc (λmax = 463nm).

Using the POLARstar Omega from BMG LABTECH to perform the Thermo Scientific Pierce Dual Spectral Luciferase assay you can!

Dual Spectral Luciferase assays employ spectrally resolved pairs of luciferase that can be detected in a single sample with high sensitivity in a simple one-step protocol. The simultaneous dual emission detection capacity of the POLARstar Omega further allows the detection to be performed with a single read.

For more information visit the BMG LABTECH website to view application note 233.