Thursday, February 14, 2013

Applications Thursday: Assessing antibody stability

Structure of an IgG2 antibody. Created from PDB 1IGT
As medical and research based use of antibodies proliferates so to does the need to accurately determine antibody stability to assure that the product does not exhibit a loss of bioactivity.

In the BMG LABTECH application note 212: 'Promotion of Aggregation as a Means of Assessing the Stability of Antibody Molecules', the utility of the FLUOstar Omega microplate reader to assess antibody stability is described. The application takes advantage of not only the ability to read fluorescence but the temperature control and shaking capacity of this instrument as well.

The results show that in the presence of a teflon bead aggregates form and Thioflavin T is incorporated into the aggregates thus enhancing the fluorescence of this dye. Dynamic Light scattering confirmed that aggregation required the teflon bead and further tests showed that promotion of aggregation was similar to that seen by the method of agitation by vortexing.

In short the FLUOstar Omega from BMG LABTECH provides an excellent platform to perform high throughput assessment of antibody aggregation.

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