Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FAQ: What do the experts say about the PHERAstar FS

To find out you can visit select science!

The self proclaimed: '...fastest way to impartial, expert opinion about the best laboratory equipment...' is featuring the PHERAstart FS from BMG LABTECH in their product reviews section today. There you can watch a video or read about the characteristics of the PHERAstar FS that make it the gold standard HTS microplate reader and read reviews from expert users.

The select science description of the PHERAstar FS  includes some of this microplate readers important features such as:

Tandem spectrometer/filter based technology
Two lasers for assay selective excitation
Ability to perform precise kinetics
Top and bottom reading capabilities
Cell-layer scanning
Access to MARS data analysis

And more!

In addition there are links to application notes that will begin to give you an idea about the versatility of the PHERAstar FS. For more information you should visit the BMG website and explore all the capabilities of the PHERAstar FS and the applications to which it can be employed.