Thursday, January 17, 2013

Applications Thursday

The technologies of BMG LABTECH, DiscoveRx and Labcyte have combined to create an approach that will allow you to screen for activation of G-protein coupled receptors or tyrosine kinase receptors. The application employs a sensitive assay, sub-microliter volume liquid handling, and the capabilities of the PHERAstar FS microplate reader.

 PathHunter® assay principle

The assay technology from DiscoveRx is an adaptation of enzyme fragment complimentation that provides a novel cell-based assay format for detecting protein-protein interaction. Activation of the receptor upon ligand binding allows interaction of GPCR-β-Arrestin or RTK-SH2 protein resulting in a measurable chemiluminescent signal.

The application note: Nano High-Throughput Screening (nHTS) Platform-Miniaturization of Cell-based GPCR and Kinase Assays describes proof of principal that will allow you to maximize your results by using fewer cells and smaller reagent volumes.