Monday, January 14, 2013

FAQ: Can cell based assays be performed using 3456 well microplates?

By combining the technologies from DiscoveRx, Labcyte and BMG LABTECH we can now answer: YES!

The application note: Nano High-Throughput Screening (nHTS) Platform -Miniaturization of Cell-based GPCR and Kinase Assays describes the feasibility of performing cell-based assay in sub microliter volumes that can be detected with the PHERAstar FS. This results in decreased amount of test compound used and thus means the experiments are economical with regard to both money and time. The results exhibit good correlation with results from other well formats and displayed reproducibility.

Reproducibility of 3456-well miniaturization of the PathHunter® β-Arrestin CHO Cells
 Plots A and B are two different measurements taken on different days