Friday, December 14, 2012

Focus On: SNP Genotyping Using the Amplifluor® System and the FLUOstar

SNPs (Single nucleotide polymorphisms) are places in genomic DNA with a single nucleotide difference between individuals in a species. SNPs are a common occurring mutation found in DNA sequences. These genetic variations can occur in coding or non-coding regions and can either have an extreme or no effect on a particular organism. Therefore SNP detection has become important for medical research and pharmacology.

The detection of SNPs (SNP Genotyping) can be achieved with a number of different methods. In application note 187 a homogeneous fluorescence based method on PCR is described. The Amplifluor® SNPs HT Genotyping System from Millipore was used to screen a number of samples with the help of a FLUOstar from BMG LABTECH. 

See application note 187  to learn more about this SNP assay or go to Millipore's website see a more detailed description of this assay.

SNP Graph
A typical pattern of SNP samples. The blue dot in Q1 is buffer. The red dot in Q2 shows the mutant control (green allele), Yellow dots in Q4 are wild type control(red allele) and the orange dot in Q3 represents the heterozygote control(red green allele). Figure 3 clearly shows that all controls that are homozygous for either allele or heterozygous or a mixture only are clearly separated. In addition, samples are precisely located in their clusters.