Thursday, November 15, 2012

Inside Applications: Methyltransferase, Acetyltransferase, Kinases, and GTPases

Methyltransferase, Acetyltransferase, Kinases, and GTPases Can All Be Measured with Transcreener® Assays

  • The universal Transcreener® assays measure the byproducts of common biological enzymatic reactions
  • For epigenetic studies, AMP/GMP can be monitored for methyltranferase or acetyltransferase activity
  • ADP for kinases, ATPases, or helicases; GDP for Gproteins; and UDP for glycosyltransferases
This application note demonstrates the validation of the BMG LABTECH PHERAstar Plus and PHERAstar FS instruments for use with Transcreener FP assays in 384-well format. BellBrook Labs offers four competitive immunoassays for direct detection of ADP, AMP/GMP, UDP and GDP. These nucleotides are often byproducts in enzymatic reactions and their quantification allows calculation of enzymatic activity.

Transcreener is a registered trademark of BellBrook Labs.