Thursday, October 25, 2012

Applications Thursday: RT-QuIC, a Faster, Higher Throughput Assay to Measure Prion Diseases BSE 5Researchers at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, MT with collaborating scientists in Japan have developed a new assay for quantitating prions for neurodegenerative disease research. This new assay, Real-Time Quaking Induced Conversion Assay (RT-QuIC) is a faster, higher throughput, and more sensitive assay for prions than compared to previous test methods using biological tissue samples from infected animals.

BOVINE PRION PROTEIN 1dx0 asym r 500This new prion assay can be measured using BMG LABTECH’s Omega series of microplate readers . With the Omega’s powerful control and  MARS Data Analysis Software, researchers can easily perform this prion assay in several hours to a few days, compared to months with the previous technique in animals. For more information please see their publication: Rapid End-Point Quantitation of Prion Seeding Activity with Sensitivity Comparable to Bioassays in PLoS Pathogen (6(12): e1001217. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1001217).

See BMG LABTECH’s Rocky Mountain Laboratory customer focus for more information on this new prion disease assay.