Monday, October 8, 2012

FAQ: Does the PHERAstar FS require separate filter sets for top and bottom reading?

No, only one filter set is needed for both top and bottom reading when using the PHERAstar FS. In addition, features such as Dual Emission Detection , 0.1 mm Z-axis focus, and 3456-well microplate capacity are also maintained when performing a bottom read.

The PHERAstar FS uses a proprietary optical system that incorporates an all-in-one design with its Optic Modules. The Optic Module is recognized by the PHERAstar FS through a barcode labeling. If users want to switch between top and bottom reading, it is a simple click of a button in the software. No filters, dichroic mirrors, or beam splitters need to be changed manually. In addition, the ability of the PHERAstar FS to retains its Dual Emission detection when reading from the bottom is vital in assays like GeneBLAzer® and Tango LiveBLAzer®.

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